Pre-registration & Minting

Find links for pre-registration and minting here

Reserved spots

Owners of PROOF OF {ART}WORK tokens and a small number of early supporters were automatically added to the allow list for minting (one mint per PO{A}W token).

Pre-registration details

Public minting was preceded by an off-chain advance registration, split into two sessions in an attempt to accommodate all time zones. This meant richer collectors couldn't out-bid those with less ETH to spend on gas to get ahead, and no-one wasted any money on a failed attempt. Perhaps because of this, we saw (at least) 9500 people racing to register for ~400 spaces—not including anyone with blockers to stop Google Analytics detecting them.


Successful wallet addresses were able to mint via this webpage at a price of 0.314159 ETH, with designs allocated at random. As there was no race, people were able to mint at a favourable gas rate and save a lot of ETH in the process.

Unclaimed tokens

There are a few tokens remaining. These will be allocated in ways that will help add value to collectors or support future projects, or as thank-yous to people who have gone above and beyond to support us in our NFT and 'real' lives.

  • Price:
    0.314159 ETH
  • Editions:
    512 (64 / design)
  • Limits:
    1 pre-registration / wallet
  • Contract:
    ERC 721
  • Artwork License:
    CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Contract address: